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The Fondation de la Mer is dedicated to the protection and study of the ocean

Created in June 2015 by committed personalities from the maritime world and civil society (sailors, association leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, etc.), the Fondation de la Mer supports many actors to strengthen and accelerate their positive impact on the Ocean.

It also implements its own projects to protect marine ecosystems, fight against pollution, support research, encourage innovation, and inform and raise awareness among the public.

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Key figures
Volunteers involved throughout France
Tons of waste collected on the coast since January 1st, 2020
Young people made aware of ocean issues

In the context of a global emergency, we cannot delay our commitment to the environment any longer. The sea is at the heart of our planet’s equilibrium; we all need a healthy ocean.

The Fondation de la Mer is committed to this goal with determination, supported by all those who share its convictions.

Sabine Roux de Bézieux
Sabine Roux de Bézieux,
President of the Fondation de la Mer


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