The Fondation
de la Mer

The Fondation de la Mer is dedicated to the protection and study of the Ocean.

Faced with the climate emergency and the degradation of life in the Ocean, personalities from the maritime world and civil society created the Fondation de la Mer in June 2015, with a global approach to issues related to the Ocean.

Because the health of the Ocean is essential to the balance of the planet and to life, and because we all have an impact on the Ocean, the Fondation de la Mer proposes that everyone becomes a player in its protection.

The Fondation de la Mer is at the service of all those who act for a sustainably protected Ocean, exploited with care and wisdom. Today, it supports hundreds of local players and implements its own programs to protect marine biodiversity, fight against pollution at sea, support research, encourage innovation, and inform and raise awareness among the general public, especially young people.

Our ambition

To know
To contribute permanently to the public debate

To promote research by creating the 1st European network of young French-speaking ocean researchers
Fight against pollution on the coast and at sea

Protect and restore
marine ecosystems
Train 100% of young people to protect the Ocean

Integrate the Ocean into the heart of business management

The Fondation de la Mer works
with many partners

  • Institutional partners: the Ministry of the Sea, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Ministry of Overseas France, the Ministry of Education, the French Navy, etc.
  • Scientific partners: the CNRS, the National Museum of Natural History, Ifremer
  • A network of over 160 local NGOs and foundations.

The Fondation de la Mer is regularly asked to contribute to the debate on maritime issues. It is a member of the France Ocean Committee created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity (MTES) and of the steering committee of the Institut de l’Océan and a founding member of Génération Mer.

With an exceptional maritime façade, France has the second largest maritime area in the world, which is both an opportunity and a responsibility.

The sea is the future of our country and the future of Europe. The Fondation de la Mer is working with determination to ensure that these maritime assets are recognized, and developed in a respectful manner.

Sabine Roux de Bézieux
Sabine Roux de Bézieux,
President of the Fondation de la Mer