la mer"

Educating young people
about the Ocean

Merci la mer” is an educational program designed in partnership with the French Ministry of Education and the French Navy. It is distributed throughout France by a network of ambassadors: teachers, parents, community leaders, members of the Navy, etc.

In an interactive mode, they give a two-hour presentation, from primary to high school, using the teaching aids and tools made available by the Foundation. The young people are made aware of the challenges faced by the sea, with stakes for the planet and our societies: climatic, ecological, scientific, strategic and economic. The students will discover the richness of France’s maritime heritage and the different sectors and professions linked to the sea.

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ambassadors mobilized in metropolitan France and in the overseas territories
100 %
of young people
to be made aware
million students in primary, secondary and high schools

Documents to download

Quizz "Merci la Mer" - FR
A quiz "Merci la Mer" to check your knowledge about the Ocean in 25 questions.
"Archipelago France" Poster - FR
Discover the map of the "Archipelago France".
Cycle 3 - FR
25 questions to learn while having fun. Each answer is illustrated by maps and visuals.
Cycle 4 - FR
25 questions to learn while having fun. Each answer is illustrated with cards and visuals.
Ambassador's guide - FR
A complete guide to explain the process and content of a classroom intervention.
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