The Ocean, the cradle of life

The Ocean has a major impact on our daily lives: we all need a healthy ocean.
We all have an impact on the ocean: we can all take concrete measures on a daily basis and help those who act to preserve the riches of the seas.

It is not too late: we can and must act now.

The Ocean: at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges

50% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by plankton, which is more than all the forests of the world

30% of CO2 generated by human activity is absorbed by the Ocean, which fights greenhouse effects and limits atmospheric warming
90% of the world's trade
is conducted by sea

98% of internet exchanges
travel under the seas
Between 1 and 50 million marine species yet
to be discovered

50% of cancer treatments have a molecule derived from marine organisms
60% of the world’s population live within
100 km of a maritime coast

97% of the planet’s water is in the ocean and entire cities depend on desalinated water as a source of drinking water

60% of tropical countries food
comes from sea
11 million km2: France holds
the second largest maritime area
in the world

25 million km2:
Europe has the largest maritime area
in the world

Together, the European Union countries hold the world’s largest maritime area.

It is an asset for our future, a wealth of inestimable economic and strategic value, and a special responsibility regarding Ocean protection.

Jean-Dominique Giuliani
Jean-Dominique Giuliani,
President of the Robert Schuman Foundation
Member of the board of directors of the Fondation de la Mer