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By becoming a partner of the Fondation de la Mer

  • You support projects with a strong impact on the preservation of biodiversity,
  • You act with a network of more than 160 local actors, partners of the Fondation de la Mer,
  • You take part in concrete actions in line with sustainable development goal 14,,
  • You unite your employees around meaningful projects,
  • You raise awareness of ocean-related issues among the general public.


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Become a Sponsor
Supporting the projects of the Fondation de la Mer ensures you act within the framework of projects certified by our Scientific Council, to guarantee and measure the impact of your donation.
You can choose to support the Foundation's actions as a whole, a specific cause, a territory or a particular program.
Donations to the Fondation de la Mer are deductible from corporate income tax up to 60% of the amounts paid and within the limit of 5‰ of the turnover excluding tax.
Become a Skill Sponsor
We offer all types of missions, one-off or long-term (senior skill sponsorship).
Employees can join the Foundation's headquarters team in Paris, or work in different regions.

Build a tailor-made partnership
Raising employee awareness

Conferences, seminars, meetings with adventurers, collective workshops, waste collection… There are many ways to mobilize your employees and unite them around a common project.

Rounding up your salary

The rounding of salaries offers your employees the possibility to support the actions of the Fondation de la Mer, by making micro-donations each month from their net pay, according to their financial possibilities. The employer can join in the collection by matching the employees’ donations.

Rounding up at the cash register

Give your customers the opportunity to round up their bill to the nearest euro or more, to make a donation to the Foundation. Rounding is voluntary, at the customer’s request and adapted to their financial means.

Contact us to learn more and to be accompanied on your project.

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