"Cétacé !
L’Océan boit la tasse"

“Cétacé !
L’Océan boit la tasse”

This booklet was initiated by sailor Fabrice Amedeo when he left for the Vendée Globe 2020 :

“I’m embarking on an incredible adventure on the Vendée Globe, both as a competitor but also as an ambassador in order to better understand ocean pollution.”

This 64-page booklet offers to cast off and explore the ocean. From its vital importance to the preservation of endangered ecosystems, students are led to become committed travellers!

Within this booklet you will find: exercises, games and fun activities, certified by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports.

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students have received this booklet
live videos of Fabrice Amedeo from the Vendée Globe

With the educational program “Cétacé ! L’Océan boit la tasse”, the Fondation de la Mer invites students to embark on a world tour with Fabrice Amedeo to discover the treasures of the Ocean. Within the context in which we find ourselves, they will be able to fulfill two dreams: to experience a great adventure through the Vendée Globe 2020 competition and become ambassadors for the protection of the planet…

Alexandre Iaschine
Alexandre Iaschine,
General Delegate of
the Fondation de la Mer.

Documents to download

Pedagogical Notebook - FR
Access the digital version of the booklet, easy to print to learn while having fun.
Teacher's Booklet - FR
This teacher's booklet gives you the keys to use the educational kit "Cétacé !”
Interactive Document - FR
The interactive version of the booklet allows an optimal use during a projection for a work in class or in group.