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Acting for the Sea

Would you like to get involved in the field or at the Fondation de la Mer’s headquarters, on a one-off or long-term basis? Would you like to help all those who are working for a protected ocean that is used with care and wisdom?

The Fondation de la Mer allows all those who wish to do so, regardless of their age, their skills and their place of residence (metropolitan France, overseas territories and abroad), to become involved in activities to raise awareness and preserve biodiversity :

  • Contribute to the projects of the Fondation de la Mer,
  • Participate in a waste collection,
  • Become an ambassador in schools…

Become a Volunteer

My name is Laura, I am 29 years old and I live in a small town on the Atlantic coast, near Pornic.
I started by collecting waste on my own, then in 2019, I discovered the Hirondelle association [an association funded by the Fondation de la Mer] which organizes, among other things, waste collections on the beaches of the Pays de Retz. The dynamism of the association made me want to get involved, first as a volunteer and then recently as a member of the board of directors. We organize a monthly waste collection on a different beach each month as well as specific events such as the World Cleanup Day, in order to raise awareness about waste reduction in everyday life. Getting involved with Hirondelle allows me to meet people who have the same desire as me to protect our coastline and to ensure, at our small scale, that future generations can enjoy the sea as I have enjoyed it before.

29 ans
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