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The Fondation de la Mer scholarship
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With an amount of EUR 5,000,00, the Fondation de la Mer scholarship is intended for a student enrolled in a thesis in a French-speaking doctoral school.

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Submission of applications via the online form: from 15 April to 15 November

Announcement of the winning project: 15 December

Attribution general conditions

  • Life and material sciences, humanities and social sciences, environmental sciences, history;
  • Doctoral students up to 30 years old at the time of registration in the first year of their doctorate;
  • Studying or working in France or in Europe.

Main attribution criteria

  • Scientific excellence of the research project;
  • Quality of the application file;
  • Candidates registered in a French-speaking doctoral school;
  • Ability of the candidate to communicate, to promote science among young people, to disseminate scientific culture, to support the objectives defined by the Fondation de la Mer.

Candidates selection criteria

Applications are examined by the Scientific Council of the Fondation de la Mer, which takes into account the quality of the application and the scientific excellence of the project, showing an innovative and creative spirit.

Miscellaneous provisions

  • The scholarship provides material support to the doctoral student: purchase of IT and scientific equipment, travel, conferences, etc.). It is not renewable.
  • A tutor will be appointed by the Fondation to follow the work of the scholarship holder.
  • Applications can only be submitted via the online form. An application is only considered complete when it includes all of the following documents, written in French, in PDF format:
    • 1. A cover letter (2 pages maximum)
    • 2. A curriculum vitae
    • 3. Copies of diplomas obtained
    • 4. A list of the applicant’s publications
    • 5. Copies of the most important publications
    • 6. A letter of recommendation from the thesis director
    • 7. Description of the subject of the thesis (3 pages)
    • I. Title
    • II. State of the art
    • III. Objective
    • IV. Method
    • V. Timetable of results
    • VI. Bibliography
    • 8. Status of the thesis
  • Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline, as well as applications that do not meet the above conditions, will not be considered.

The scholarship holders commit themselves to

  • To continue the research work for which the scholarship was obtained, and in default thereof, the full amount of the scholarship will be returned to the Fondation de la Mer.
  • To mention the scholarship in any resulting communications under the name
    “bourse de la Fondation de la Mer”.
  • Agree to be photographed, filmed and interviewed for non-commercial purposes related to the communication of the scientific programme of the Fondation de la Mer. A written authorisation must be signed by each of the scholarship holders when signing the contract.

The “Histoire” scholarship is awarded in partnership with the Fondation Jean Sauvée Maritime.

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