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The Ocean is fundamental to research

We know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean. Yet it is home to a large part of the planet’s biodiversity. More than half of this biodiversity remains to be discovered, and scientists estimate that 50% of this living heritage could disappear before the end of the century.

We urgently need to know more about these jewels of biodiversity so we can better protect them and be inspired by them.

The Ocean is a source of hope for our health: 50% of cancer treatments contain at least one marine molecule.

The Ocean is also a source of innovation, particularly through biomimicry, in many areas such as architecture, transport and biomedicine.

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The pandemic we are experiencing has highlighted the crucial importance of research. The Fondation de la Mer has decided to give science a prominent place, and promotes the spread of marine research at the highest level.

Françoise Gaill
Françoise Gaill,
Chair of the Scientific Council
of the Fondation de la Mer


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