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As the cradle of life, the Ocean is essential to the planet’s stability

The Ocean covers 71% of the planet’s surface and represents over 90% of the inhabitable volume for the living world. It is the main pool of biodiversity: it is home to 240,000 known species as well as many others that have not yet been recorded.

The Ocean and marine biodiversity also provide mankind with many vital services: climate regulation, sources of food, medicine, minerals and energy, etc.

Human activity, the main cause of Ocean degradation

The Ocean and marine species are suffering directly from human activities: overfishing, pollution (plastics, heavy metals, chemicals), destruction of key ecosystems, disturbances (noise, light)…

We can all do something for the health of the Ocean

Marine ecosystems are amazingly resilient, it is not too late to protect and restore them, but it is urgent.

Our programs

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Action and impact
The Fondation de la Mer supports programmes for the study, protection and restoration of marine biodiversity throughout the world.
programmes supported in 2021 on the SOS Corail platform
km2 of coral reefs
are French
50 %
of coral reefs
have disappeared

Thanks to its overseas territories, France has the 4th largest coral reef cover in the world. Each and every one of us can participate in the preservation of this invaluable biodiversity. Join the Fondation de la Mer’s SOS Corail programme, in partnership with the French Coral Reef Initiative

Pascale Joannot
Pascale Joannot,
Member of the Board of Directors of
the Fondation de la Mer


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