The Fondation de la Mer is acting in three directions: protecting, discovering and sharing the riches offered by the sea.

Essential for our balance, the sea is threatened.

a. Fight against plastic pollution in the sea
10% of plastic ends up in the ocean and becomes the “7th continent”.

The Fondation de la Mer launches in 2017 a wide operation of education and sensitization, even with the industries, to fight against the plastic pollution in the sea.

b. Protect the whales of the Mediterranean
The whale plays a special role in the balance of the marine ecosystem.
It contributes to a greater growth of the plankton, which absorbs approximately 1/3 of the carbon produced in the atmosphere.
The corpses of whales are critical biodiversity points.

However, knowledge of science is very limited.

The Fondation de la Mer launches programs to improve our knowledge and protect these mammals.


Although we know the surface of the moon, 90% of marine species have not yet been discovered and 90% of the seabed is still unknown.

a. A grant to support research
The Fondation de la Mer creates a grant to support young PhD students in their mission of research on the oceans.

The Fondation de la Mer scholarship, with a value of € 10,000, is intended for a student enrolled in a doctoral school in France.

b. Support for innovation
As part of the festival, The adventurers of the sea, which will take place at the Cité de la Voile – Eric Tabarly, Lorient, from November 18 to 20, the Fondation de la Mer will award the grand prize of the project related to innovation maritime


The Earth is blue and the sea is our future.

a. A world tour through the French seas
To awaken the curiosity of the public, especially young French people.
The expedition will discover the secrets of the seas of France aboard an iconic ship. The crew will be composed of adventurers, scientists, historians, … This adventure will be broadcast on a large television channel.

b. Conferences and an educational kit
In partnership with the Navy, the Sea Foundation will participate in classes, from the beginning of the 2016 school year, to present our children to the sea and the problems of the sea.

c. Making the sea accessible to all
The sea is a means that exalts universal values.

In collaboration with local associations, the Fondation de la Mer is committed to making the sea accessible to those who dream but do not have the opportunity.

Sick children, people with disabilities or elderly people embark and realize their dream.

d. A study on the impact of the sea on the French economy
The Fondation de la Mer launches a study on the maritimization of the French economy to raise awareness among the actors of the economy and the general public about the essential interests that the sea represents for our country.

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