The following people, among many others, are members of the foundation of the Association for the Foundation of the sea: Isabelle Autissier, sailor and president of WWF, Laurent Ballesta, naturalist marine biologist, Eric Banel, general manager shipowners France, Jean Berjeau, Jean-Michel Blanquer, John Paul Bodin, Comptroller General of the Armies, Gilles Boeuf, President of the National Museum of Natural History, Patrick Boissier, President of GICAN, Christian Buchet, Director, Study Center and Search the sea ​​of ​​the Catholic Institute of Paris and president of the Scientific Council of Océanides, Franck Cammas, navigator, Teresa Cremisi, editor, Gérard d’Aboville, navigator, Thierry de Beaumont-Beynac, dignitary of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Didier Decoin, marine writer , Thierry des Ouches, photographer, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Descleves, member of the Marine Academy and the Academy of Sciences of d’Outre-mer, Michel Desjoyeaux, navigator , Jean-Pierre Dick, navigator, Helène Fillière, actress, Maud Fontenoy, sailor, Patrice Franceschi, explorer and writer, Olivier Frebourg, editor and writer Bruno Fuligni, historian and writer, Frédéric Gauch, business executive, Xavier de la Gorce, President of the SNSM, Yvan Griboval Marin explorer, Admiral Edouard Guillaud, former chief of personnel of the navy, Claudie Haigneré, astronaut, Anne-Marie Idrac, President of Océanides, François Jacq, director of IFREMER, Gaspard-Marie Janvier, Admiral Yves Lagane, President of the yacht club of France, Gilles Lagarde, the County Council of Indre-et-Loire, Admiral Olivier Lajous, Brice Lalonde, former minister, special advisor for sustainable development at the UN, Titouan Lamazou, navigator and draftsman, Olivier Laroussinie, director of the Agency of Marine Protected Areas, François Lemarchand, founder of Nature and discoveries, Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, president of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs , Michel L’Hour, Conservator General of Heritage and Director of DRASSM, Jean-Georges Malcor, Director of CGG, Christian Mantei, CEO of Atout France, Stephane Millière, President of Gédéon Programs, Jean-Francois Minster, Oceanographer, Erik Orsenna, writer, Marc Pajot, navigator, Gérard Petitpas, president of the Association Eric Tabarly, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, journalist and writer, Yann Queffélec, writer, Jean Raspail, writer and explorer, Eudes Riblier , president of the French Institute of the Sea, Admiral Bernard Rogel, Jean Rolin, writer and journalist, Daniel Rondeau, writer, Jacques Rougerie, oceanographer architect, counter-admiral Thierry Rousseau, Olivier Royant, editor of Paris Match, Didier Spade, Jacqueline Tabarly, Jean-François Tallec, Institutional Advisor for Maritime Policy CMA CGM, Sylvain Tesson, writer, Romain Troublé, Tara Expeditions, Philippe Vallette, General Council of Nausicaa, Nardo Vicente, Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute, Emmanuel Viellard, Admiral Richard Wilmot-Roussel, …


Under the direction of Françoise Gaill, Research Director Emeritus of the CNRS and Pascal Raphaël Ambrogi, Inspector General of the National Administration of Education and Research, the Scientific Council is composed of:

Gilles Boeuf, professor of the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Catherine Boyen, research director of the CNRS in the Biological Station of Roscoff, Christian Buchet, professor at the Catholic Institute of Paris, Guigone Camus, Ethnologist at the EHESS, Christophe Claramunt, Research Director of the Naval Academy, Bruno David, President of the National Museum of Natural History, Bleuenn Guilloux, Doctor of Law, “Marine Genetic Resources, R & D and Law”, Claudie Haigneré, Ambassador and Adviser Director General of ESA, Admiral Eric Pagès, Director of the Naval Academy, Bertrand Pajot, SVT dean group in the general inspectorate of National Education, Laurent Mayet, deputy ambassador for the Poles, Herve Moulinier, Erik Orsenna, member of the French Academy, Thierry Perez, research director CNRS – Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Marine and Continental Ecology, Philippe Vallette, director of Nausicaa, Nardo Vicente, scientific director of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute.

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